Musket Loading Nipple

Musket Loading Nipple
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Product Description

Lot of 10 1/4" - 28 Thread

This heat treated stainless steel nipple will provide a more even and consistent flow of pressurized gases from the nipple into the ignition chamber. They will virtually eliminate hammer blow back by venting excessive gases through the side ports. (Not recommended for under-hammer rifles or Cap & Ball Revolvers). For #11 Cap (1/4 x 28 Thread) for most T/C Cap Lock rifles. Uses #11 Cap. (Except Scout, Cherokee, Fire Storm & Seneca).

We bought these in a case in bulk and packaged them for resale. There was no manufactrurer's label or marking of any kind so we don't know who made them but they are new and normally sell for over $5 EACH so you're getting a super deal!